January 23, 2019
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To have an affidavit of suppport processed by the consulate, please fill out the form below and mail it to the Consulate along with a $7.60 money order and a cover letter explaining your request
I, the, undersigned/Je soussigne(e):
Residing at/Demeurant a:
Holding the position of/Exercant la profession de:
Hereby take upon myself to provide for the living expenses for the following person(s): (Declare etre en mesure díheberger la/(les) personne(s) suivante(s):
Therefore, I undertake to support her/him/them (En consequence, je míengage a supporter tous les frais de son/leur sejour) During her stay with me in the United States. (Aux Etats-Unis dans le cadre du regroupement familial). I am also committed to provide for their/her/his return trip Je míengage en outre de payer son/leur voyage de retour.
Consulate General of The Kingdom of Morocco
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New York, NY 10016
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Tel: (212) 758-2625.
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