January 23, 2019
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Certificate of Lodging

Please contact (212) 758 2625 (ext 310)

This document is used by Moroccan nationals to invite members of their families and friends to visit them in the USA. With the help of this document, invitees are supposed to get visas. Please note that by notarising this document, the Consulate General of the Kingdom of Morocco does not guarantee the issuance of visas, which is purely the attribution of the Consulate general of the United States in Casablanca.


  • Please note that all Moroccan nationals have to register with this Consulate prior to any transaction. (If you are not registered please refer to Consular registration within this site).
  • Please download document to your Microsoft word then fill it up.
  • Send the document to the Consulate after signature and notarisation.
  • Send a prepaid self-addressed envelope for return.
  • Send a money order of $6.50 payable to the Consulate of Morocco (Please write your name & address on the money order).
  • Fees for returning your mail are not included in the fees above. To ensure the reception of your document, please include a prepaid express mail or priority mail envelope obtained from the post office. Please note that this is the only mailing method accepted. Thank you.

Fill out this form: Certificate of Lodging.

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