January 23, 2019
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Residence Change

Please contact (212) 758 2625 (ext 315).

Moroccan nationals who decide to go back to live defenitively in Morocco may take their personal belongings and be exempted from applicable taxes (Only once). The items, mainly furniture & personal belongings, are only used ones that are destined for personal use once in Morocco. Cars are excluded from this program. To benefit from this program, would please provide the following:
  • Your consular card. If you do not have one you have to register with the Consulate. (Go to Consular registration).
  • A money order of $13 payable to the Consulate general (Please write your name & address on the money order).
  • A copy of your passport & National ID.
  • Fill Up the "Declaration sur l'Honneur" by saving the download to your Microsoft word; and sign it after listing all items individually.
  • For Moroccans living outside the New York area, this documet should be notarized before sending it to the Consulate.
  • Fees for returning your mail are not included in the fees above. To ensure the reception of your document, please include a prepaid Express Mail or Priority Mail envelope obtained from the post office. Please note that this is the only mailing method accepted. Thank you.
For more information regarding this issue would you please visit the Customs Website at: www.douane.gov.ma

  • Document:
  • Changement De Residence
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